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Since 1983 Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel, Inc. has been focused on providing personal high-quality service to applicants and medical/dental/vision/aesthetic practices. Our applicants receive one-on-one attention as we help them to fine-tune their resumes, interview skills and help prepare them to take the next step in their career. We encourage job longevity and over the past 30+ years, some applicants have returned to us over the years for assistance as they develop new skills and seek to make career moves.

For our clients, we are a staffing solution and much more! We also provide a variety of other business services including marketing, payroll, HR and banking guidance all to support our clients' business goals.

We have many repeat clients (several relationships as long as 25 years!) who know that as their business partner, we take the time to understand their company needs. We then take the time to identify experienced staff who have proven they have the employment history and skills our clients need.

We then present a few select options for our clients' review so our clients can keep their focus on quality client care. During this process we are also able to lend support to clients seeking to make HR and office procedural changes. Through our years of experience, we have resources to assist our clients as their businesses grow, they evaluate new locations and consider additional revenue opportunities.

We invite you to review the opportunities throughout our website where we have information about job openings and interview tips and hope that you will think of Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel, Inc. as your partner for yourself or your office. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and demonstrating the benefit we provide to our partners in today's workplace.

--Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel Staff

Lisa, Cristina, Hannah, Vanessa,

Andrew, Lindsay and Amber


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Meet the Specialists:

Lisa - President and Business Specialist. Cousin to Marilyn, Lisa took over the running of the agency in 2011 from 25 years in Media, Sales, Research and Marketing!

Cristina - Office Manager and Staffing Specialist. With a Medical Assistant background, Cristina has been with the agency since 1997!

Hannah - Flow Health Liaison and Tech Coordinator. With a Nursing Assistant background and a degree in Neuroscience, Hannah happily joined the agency in February 2020!

Erin - Swab-testing Technician Coordinator and Flow Health Liaison. With a background in Business Marketing & Physical Therapy, Erin joined the Agency in September of 2020!

Gabriel - COVID-Testing Coordinator & Scribe. Joining October 2020, Gabriel is our boots-on-the ground help for coordinating Swab Technicians that perform our Covid tests in conjunction with Flow Health Labs!

Jessica - COVID-Testing Coordinator. Leslie joined our team in October 2020, and with a background in business and customer relations, has been a welcomed help in the world of COVID-testing-coordination requests!

Andrew - Electronic Records Coordinator. Andrew has been instrumental in the agency's digital conversion and record maintenance since 2015.

Lindsay - IT Development and Coordination. Since 2016 Lindsay has helped the agency develop innovative methods of operation and communication to enhance our efforts for applicants and employers.

Amber - New Applicant Coordinator. Amber has a Financial and Real Estate background and has been with the agency since 2011.