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Our Staffing Team allows you to keep

your focus on delivering quality patient care ...

We review hundreds of applicants every day to find the best people for you!

• We work to understand the type of employee to fit your business in order to save you time by providing candidates who fit your needs.

Interviews - In-depth phone AND in-person interviews of all candidates

References - research employment references on all candidates (Supervisors! Not friends or relatives.)

Experience - We require at least 2 years of medical, dental, vision or aesthetic practice experience

Discounts - for multiple placements through the year - the more jobs we fill for you, the lower the fee!

Call now so we can handle your staffing needs leaving you to focus on patient care!

Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel, Inc. 310-393-2228.

How we help our Client Partners

Why our clients return year after year as their businesses develop....


Since 1983 we have serviced a variety of medical, dental, vision, DME even medical manufacturing offices with Managers, Insurance Billers, Receptionists, Medical Assistants, X-Ray Techs, Secretaries, Transcribers and any other staff they may need. Our fee includes a guarantee for 60 days. Because we value our clients, multiple job placements by your office reduces your fee!


Try out our services with a temp when your office staff is short for some reason! Call or E-mail us now and we can tell you how Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel is ready help your office continue to run smoothly with ONE phone call!

It's great when you can plan ahead for employee shortages but we all know that it usually doesn't happen that way.

Keep our number handy for when you get that last minute call and need staff replacement to keep your office running smoothly.

Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel, Inc. 310-393-2228

Great reasons to call us for a Temp:

• Staff goes on vacation

• Staff calls in sick

• Maternity leave

• You want to test adding another staff member without the firm committment

• You have a special, short-term project such as computer conversion and need extra hands.


We offer a complimentary consultation in your office to discuss your current and future needs, or we can provide any information you need by phone, mail or e-mail for your convenience. We are at your service - no obligation unless you hire someone you meet through our office. .

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