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What our applicants are saying

5.0 star rating 10/10/2019

I'm very thankful I get to meet Lisa and her staff , they are helping people finding jobs. i am blessed to say thanks to them, I am currently working thanks to their amazing staff . Definitely I recommend them for people to connect with them. You will find a job :)

-- Alba D. Front Office Panormama City, CA

5 star rating 9/5/2019

I just recently returned to Marilyn Taylor after 12 years. Lisa an her staff are the absolute best!!! Not only did she help me fix my resume she helped me gain the confidence I needed for my first interview in over 10 years. They had also placed me with my previous employer whom I was with for 9 1/2 years. These ladies take the time to make sure they help you in every possible way. I definitely recommend this agency 100%.

-- Nancy D. Medical Assistant, Gardena, CA


5.0 star rating 6/14/2019

I love Marilyn Taylor. The girls are amazing, Lisa and carminda are great! They were very fast and efficient to get me a job. I'm very happy in the place I'm working at the moment thanks to Marilyn Taylor. I will give them a 10 star instead of 5. I really recommend them to anyone.

-- Yissendy T, Medical Assistant, Corona, CA


5.0 star rating 6/8/2019

I have known this company since 2007 and I just recently contacted Marilyn Taylor Agency this year 2019 spoke to Lisa and she is an amazing person who helped me find a job in less than 2 weeks she was very helpful and really worked hard in getting me in to the right company and I couldn't believe the job she got for me I was so happy!! Lisa definitely is on top of her game and goes out of her way to do the best she can to place you in a great position. I am so thankful for her Thank you Lisa!

-- Anna M, Front Office, Monrovia, CA


5.0 star rating 6/7/2019

Lisa is amazing and truly wants to help you succeed and find a job that you can be successful at. I highly recommend this agency they are wonderful and will help you on your job search !!

-- Andrea B, Front Office, LA, CA


5/23/19 5-Star Yelp!

Lisa at Marilyn Taylor is a godsend. Very informed and involved in the interview to hire process. It was a breeze and nothing short of a pleasure working with them!

-- Dane W, IT Specialist, Torrance, CA


5/14/19 - 5-Star Yelp!

I've worked with Marilyn Taylor back in 2012. Recently unsure about my status at my current job. A friend of mine informed Lisa of my situation and she reached out immediately with job openings. Lisa helped my update my resume, work on recommendation letters, and pointed me in the right direction. I would highly recommend Marilyn Taylor, the company is very efficient and understanding.

--Brittany R, Medical Asstant, Inglewood, CA


12/11/2018 YELP! 5 star rating

Very blessed and grateful to have been able to meet with Cristina and Lisa. They are both very professional and kind. Cristina hands down goes above and beyond. Lisa was very soothing and reassuring, since I was unsure about going in to an employment agency. I had never had an experience interviewing with an agency before. However, the experience was nothing but great. Not only because I decided to step out of my comfort box but also because of the great efforts of Lisa and Cristina. They were both able to match me in a job and position where I feel I fit in perfectly. Thank you Marilyn Taylor Med Personnel best experience ever!!

-- Maria G, Medical Assistant, LA, CA


 11/13/18 5-Star Yelp!

I just want to say all the ladies were just so wonderful and so sufficient and on it no matter what i was referred by a family friend and they really did their hardest fir especially coming from Arizona thank you ladies and i will be referring to your wonderful company xoxoxo Jenny.

-- Jennifer S. Front Office



Your level of professionalism is above and beyond what other agencies offer their clients.

-- Dr. K. - Dental Surgeon


9/26/2018 YELP! 5.0 star rating

I would highly recommend the office Marilyn Taylor when seeking for new opportunities. They are very thorough within the entire process. Always on top of things and very professional. Cristina and Carminda are awesome !!!

-- George M., Medical Assistant, Burbank, CA


5/16/2018 YELP! 5.0 star rating

Marilyn Taylor Medical has helped me start a new journey in career! All the ladies work very hard to help individuals find the perfect workplace. From the time to prepare for the interview and after, they provide information to make this process efficient and effective. I am very blessed and grateful especially for Cristina for all her efforts and follow through! She and her team are truly wonderful ladies to make anyone's dream possible. I would highly recommend anyone in the medical field who is looking to find the right job and workplace to reach out to to them. Through Marilyn Taylor Medical, I simply submitted my resume and they helped me find an office I can work for that felt like the right fit!

Thank you for all your efforts ladies!

-- Monique T., Medical Front Office, Tustin, CA


5/16/2018 YELP! 5.0 star rating

If ratings are more than five stars i would give them a million stars rate Amazing company, great staff and they are heaven sent to me!!!!

First and foremost, Lisa is super sweet with a very pleasing personality not to mention how helpful and thorough she is! I knew i found a home at Marilyn Taylor Medical when it comes to job placements and opportunities. They are beyond wonderful, the staff are very professional with positive attitude. I would recommend their company if you guys are in need of finding the career you want. They are great to work with, they cater to the applicants needs and also they can tailor-made a dream job for each applicant.

What else can i say??? I am grateful and thankful our path crossed!

Keep it up guys Lisa, Christina, Carminda you are awesome!!!!

-- Christianne A., Medical Assistant, Inglewood, CA


1/12/2018 email

Thanks again for all your help with my job placement. My experience with you has been nothing short of spectacular.

-- Ami P, Ultrasound Tech, LA, CA


11/15/17 YELP! 5.0 star rating

I have been looking for job about 3 months, and after submitting my resume in the Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel, Inc site I received a call right away from Cristina. She gave me an appointment to discuss all possible opportunities for me. She gave me some choices to choose from and guided me in my process to find a job. Then I was introduced to Chris who became a luck of my fortune. She organized everything so quick that within 2 weeks I had my interview, get offer and started to work. She was communicative and always made sure I had all the information I needed and was prepared for each new step from beginning to my 1st working day.

I've never meet such helpful and caring people on my side. I'm so glad I contacted them.

They are generous with their time and really care about helping people. They have the rare combination of professionalism, and humanity that is sadly rare these days.

I would recommend them above all agencies. I won't like some of my friends to be looking for job, but if some of them ever be looking for job I will highly recommend and push them to contact to Chris and Christina.

--Nana X, Los Angeles, CA


9/1/17 email:

Hi Lisa,

I hope this email finds you well! I am currently entering my second week at (work) and wanted to update you on it....The staff are extremely dedicated individuals and very nice. The (office) is amazing and the view is breathtaking. I have had a chance to go to the beach during my lunch hour almost everyday. Many blessings to you and the agency!! Warm regards,

--Silvia, Front Office


8/29/17 email:

Thank you Lisa for your best wishes. My first day was awesome I love my job my boss is lovely and smart and wonderful. My co-worker is so nice and helpful I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you again.

-- Alicia, Medical Assistant


8/1/17 email :

I just want to thank you and the staff for always being there for me, encouraging me.

--Deanna, Front Office Specialist and MTMP client since 2009


7/25/17 email :

Anytime I have a change in employment, your office is the first number I call. I have always been happy with your service and for that I will continue to do business with you. Thanks again for everyone's effort and my loyalty lies with Marilyn Taylor πŸ˜€

--Kyra, Medical Assistant


6/28/17 email :

Lisa, (the practice where you placed me) is my home I STILL love it here. You'll always be my angel on earth :)

--Tanesha , Medical Assistant for Bev. Hills plastic surgery practice


6/23/17 - 5-Star Yelp!

I highly recommend Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel!!! They have a very professional, kind and attentive team/staff that will not stop until they place you with a job that fits your ability. I have had an awesome experience with Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel and they have placed me with very good job in which i have excelled and have been succesfully employed for over a year now. I am so grateful!!! You will not be disapointed with Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel!!!

-- Verdell S. Biller


6/2017 - Employer comment:

Thank you for the wonderful last minute help! You and your team are great!

--- Dr. E - Beverly Hills Internal Medicine

3/1/17 email:

Hello Ladies, it has been a long time since I have been impressed with such an applicant. G-- is presentable, personable, well educated. I would love to hire her for a position...

-- C - Cedars Sinai Medical Office Manager


1/3/2017 YELP! 5.0 star rating

I love Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel!! They are helpful and very consistent, for sure they are one of the best Temp Agencies in Los Angeles.

-- Jason G. - Medical Assistant, Los Angeles, CA


5/14/2016 YELP! 5.0 star rating

I enjoyed meeting with Lisa @ MTMP; she's professional, upbeat, smart & helpful. I was looking for long-term employment; after listening to my needs, Lisa tried to find a position that was a good fit. Within a couple weeks, I was working...Lisa and her staff even clapped over the phone as a congratulations when I informed her I took the job she sent me out for (thought that was cute & supportive).

-- Jen H., - Medical Assistant, Los Angeles, CA


1/15/16 YELP! 5.0 star rating

I would highly recommend Marilyn Taylor to find a job and if you're looking for staff!

-- Diana V - Santa Monica Internal Med Office Manager


11/7/2015 YELP! 5.0 star rating

My name is Maria and Marilyn Taylor Medical Agency's staff is THE BEST! This company is the best because of the very caring and encouraging staff, especially Lisa and Carminda. I interviewed with 3 other agencies to increase my chances of getting a job but Marilyn Taylor was the agency that helped me find my last 2 jobs. I was at my previous job for almost 10 years (talk about finding a good fit!). They truly care about their clients and demonstrate it with just love. Interviewing with the other agencies was a waste of my time, energy, and patience. Be patient and keep praying, and you will see God work through Marilyn Taylor to find you your perfect job.

--Maria F. Los Angeles, CA


YELP! 5.0 star rating 10/2015

It has been a wonderful experience working with Lisa and her team. They have given me a lot of useful information within a brief time frame. Compared to others in their field, they are very passionate when it comes to assisting me with my transition.

-- Ericka C. Inglewood, CA


10/10/15 5-Star Yelp!

Lisa the owner is fabulous. She helped me, Informed me, and was extremely professional throughout. I recommend her highly!

--- Ericka C.


 9/2015 -

"Thanks for all this information Lisa, I have never felt so prepared for an interview!"

-- Pam - Office Manager applicant


9/2015 Employer email:

I am so excited to say your selection for the CNRA was just excellent. She was such a joy to work with. She helped with making sure all aspects of the patient care with anesthesia were handled and I can’t thank her enough. She had an amazing personality and I am sure she is valued a great deal when she works full time. She is a gem! Thanks TO your team so much for finding the perfect fit for us and in such short notice.

- Linda - Orthopedic Office Manager


2/2/15 - Employer comment:

Lisa, thank you so much for working so hard and so personally in so short a time to help me! You are a top notch professional, passionate in your craft and the total package in details head to toe! I am so impressed with your screening and selection process. I will definitely refer you clients! Thank you for taking such good care of me so I could enjoy my vacation! I know I will call again in the future.

Most appreciatively yours,

--Dr. L - Family Dental


7/31/2013 - YELP! 5.0 star rating

I highly recommend Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel for your employment needs. I have received valuable guidance from their well trained staff. The agency looks homey, not cold & clinical. They really listen to my requests, and do not waste my time on my job searches. As a seasoned medical office worker, I feel respected & valued. I was interviewed on a comfy couch in a casual setting, which took away any nervousness. If you want specialized placement and personal attention, this is the place for you. Thanks, 

Jenny! -- Shayna S. Los Angeles, CA


YELP! 5.0 star rating 7/1/2013

I recently went back to Marilyn Taylor Agency to reapply. (It has been more than 10 years ago since I was last there). Lisa was fabulous in helping me perfect my resume- gave great suggestions to make a resume even better-more focused.

--Diane H. Sherman Oaks, CA


9/18/10 5-Star Yelp!

I can't say it enough, I will always work with Marilyn Taylor Staffing, I have worked with them in the past and they have always delivered great job offers. They are positive, encouraging and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend all of the ladies at Marilyn Taylor Staffing. If you are looking for a job or an employee in the medical field contact them, I'm sure they will work hard for you, because they always have for me.



8/26/10 5-Star Yelp!

YELP! 5.0 star rating 8/26/2010

I highly recommend Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel. They have an excellent TEAM/Staff and Company. They are at first hand professional and cater to every person individually. What makes this Registry different is that the work is not day-to-day work like many other companies. They have done a wonderfully with me at a time when I needed them. I will always keep Marilyn Taylor Med. in mind for any future needs and or for referrals. They also have many clients who continue to use them and have used them since I had worked with them and it's been a very long time ago now. Give Marilyn Taylor Med. a chance. I bet you will enjoy them as much as I do!! Wishing MTMP continuing success!

-- Jolly M.  


1/28/09 5-Star Yelp!

Highest Rating to Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel and her great staff. I can review this medical staffing company (temp and perm) from 2 prospectives: One, as a Medical Practice Administrator, and also as a person seeking positions.

As someone who used Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel to help staff my several offices, I can testify that her staff works diligently to get the best possible candidates, temp and perm, and sometimes with very little notice (when it is temp.) They do comprehensive background checks on experience so that when they recommend an employee, they have a good sense of who they are placing in your office.

The entire staff, from Marilyn to the rest of her loyal and longtime employees, are dedicated to making the best placements - to suit both the prospective employee and the Employer.

I've appreciated their dedication, through these several years, to doing a great job, and it is on this basis that I always use, and recommend Marilyn Taylor Medical personnel to all of my clients, and to people seeking positions in the medical field.

I currently am a Healthcare Medical Management Consultant, helping physicians set up, staff, and manage their offices, and I've always had confidence when I use this company.

-- Julie B. Office Manager


4/28/08 4-Star Yelp!

Currently placed in a job by this agency. When I first came in, the room was small, bright, cheerfully decorated, clean, and the staff were looking busy with them constantly being on the phones -- this is a good sign because you want a temp agency to be busy finding you work. Certain temp agencies that I walked into felt desolate since not a lot of visitors came in and the workers were just chillin' on their desks, as if they don't need you coming in. The busy, hardworking staff were also a bunch of nice ladies who gave me compliments. Try to look your best, have a good attitude, background or interest in medical-related work (because they specialize in this), and they will look out for you. As of writing this, I'm working in a clinic in Beverly Hills enjoying free valet parking :P your experience may vary.

-- Ron J.


4/4/08 - 4-Star Yelp!

I came here looking for a job when I first moved here. They found me 1 pretty quick. It ended up that I didnt like it. They were very fast though. Unlike other temporary agencies. I would recommend them to anyone.

-- Lisa P.


Applicant Qualifications:

  • Two years minimum recent working experience in a medical, dental, or vision private practice or a medical aesthetics business.
  • Solid work experience in the job description for which you want to apply
  • The ability for the agency to contact recent professional references which can include supervisors, doctors or office management at previous employer locations. Contact options for references include office phone numbers or professional e-mail addresses such as [email protected] (Unfortunately we cannot verify references using cell phones or personal email addresses such as Yahoo or AOL)
  • Solid history of consistent employment 1-2 years per position minimum is recommended for optimum success in securing a position.

If you are an exceptional job applicant looking for your next great job or career in medicine, call Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel, Inc. at 310-393-2228 or CLICK HERE to send your resume as a Word Document so we know to call you with wonderful opportunities.


Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Staff, Day and Medi-Spa Staff, including Front, Esthetician and Patient Consultant positions


Back Office

Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist,


Coordinator / Scheduler

Patient Care and Surgery Scheduler, Marketing and Sales for Medical and Surgical Practices



All Dental including Dental Assistant, Front Office, Dental Manager, Orthodontic Assistant, Patient Care Coordinators, RDA, RDH, General Dental, Dental Specialist


Front Office

Front Office, Medical Records, Receptionist, Switchboard



AR, AP, Accountant, Billing, Collector, Credentialing, Financial Supervisor, Payment Poster


Lab & Research

Laboratory, Research



CEO, Office Manager, Practice Administrator, Business Consultant




Reg. Nurse Midwife, 



Administrative Assistant, Scribe, Secretary, Transcriptionist


Technical & Physical

X-Ray Tech, Ultrasound Tech, Physical Therapy,



All Vision positions including Front, Management, Ophthalmic Tech, Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, Surgery Scheduler ...


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