E-mail your completed and signed time sheet before you leave the work site the last work day of the week.

We must receive your tallied and signed timecard by Monday at noon to be included in that week's payroll run.

How to Fill Out and Submit a Timesheet:

> Begin a timesheet promptly when you report for work the first day of each week (starting Mondays)

> Fill out your personal and the office information at the top

> Document your hours as you arrive and depart each day - be specific - DO NOT ROUND and do not postpone documenting the information as you may forget (inaccurate time reporting could result in termination)

> Detail duration of your lunch and any breaks each day

> If you near 40 hours you MUST get WRITTEN supervisor approval BEFORE beginning overtime. If no manager is available for approval, before you begin overtime you must get approval from a Marilyn Taylor office staff member in order to be paid properly. Call the office for assistance. If after hours, call the "after hours" number you will find on the e-mail you received with your job details for this position (the after-hours number is also on the office voicemail message.)

> At the end of each work week, calculate your total work time - regular hours and overtime separately, then grand total of all hours. (You are paid on what the manager approves so double-check your math before they sign :)

> Get manager signature on the final accounting

> E-mail your timecard to [email protected] by Monday at noon - either scan or shoot a photo with your phone and email.

During your time as a Temporary Worker with the Marilyn Taylor Agency, you are an employee of the Agency. This means...

Our Part

> We run payroll Tuesday mornings, checks are available Thursday afternoons.

> We pay your taxes, unemployment and work comp insurance. W-2s for your taxes are ready in January.

> We are here for you if you have questions or need guidance during your job search.

> As your employer for a Temp position, if there are any issues at a job site, we need to hear about an issue from YOU ASAP so we may act on your behalf!!

> While you are on a Temp job, if we have a permanent position elsewhere for which you are qualified, we will work to include you as a candidate for the permanent position. If you get the permanent position (Yea!), we will give notice to our Temp client and replace you on the Temp job so you may start your new permanent position ASAP.

Your Part

> Strong communication is CRUCIAL!!! Things work best when we all stay in touch :)

> Be sure you always have the Agency's daytime and after-hours numbers with you - put them in your phone!

> You are responsible for having a working phone, your mailbox set up and capable of taking messages so we can keep you updated on your job status.

> If we reach out to you by phone, email or text, please return the message at your next break.

> If you have any delays in arriving on time or must leave work early or if you cannot report for work, we must hear from you personally PRIOR TO THE START TIME.

> We must have a receipt to reimburse you for approved expenses such as parking.

> You must get us your signed time sheet by Monday at noon to be paid on that week's payroll.

> Time sheets received after the deadline will be payed on the next week's payroll.

> Professional appearance, dependability, good communication with supervisors, co-workers and patients, punctuality, willingness to assist with whatever is necessary within the office to ensure a high quality of patient care and a Positive Attitude are required of Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel, Inc. staff.

Timesheet - How to Download & Print

1) Right mouse click the image and save to your computer.

2) Open downloaded and saved timecard file.

3) You can then print from whatever program opens the timecard. If you don't see a "Print" option in that program, just press Control+P on your keyboard to Print your timecard full size.

4) Hand write the information needed on your timecard and Email the timecard to us every Friday or your last workday each week to ensure we have it for Payroll Mondays.